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On the following pages are Foods, Grains, and Additives that generally contain gluten. It is best to call the manufacturer if you are
not sure what an ingredient is derived from.  Example: I have Butter and Milk listed with "Read Label" next to them; the reason for this 
is that some reduced calorie butter, sour cream, yogurt, and other dairy products sometimes contain ingredients like modified food
starch, or natural flavorings. Modified Food Starch & Natural flavoring can be derived from wheat, corn, soy, etc. These are things
that you need to watch for. I also may have an item that states "contains soy" next to it. Soy is gluten free, but some individuals with |
Celiac Sprue, tend to be sensitive to soy also; so if soy does not bother you, disregard it. You need to become a food label detective.

Never take anything for granted when shopping, manufacturers change their ingredients often.You will often find gluten in the ingredients
of your favorite commercial foods hidden under words like modified food starch, natural flavorings, spices, and caramel coloring; however, gluten is actually derived from the following grains.

The following grains do not contain gluten, but they are sometimes on the avoid list for most celiacs, because of possible cross contamination. Cross contamination is when two grains are grown in the same field using a rotation method and/or they are milled or processed on the same lines as a glutinous grain. Example: Wheat and Buckwheat are often grown in the same field and you may get cross contamination from one crop to the next. Make sure you check with the manufacturer about the type of field rotation and processing they use before consuming these grains.

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