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Welcome to our gluten free guide to eating out. This is a on going work in progress so please check back often. Even though
I have verified these menus directly with the companies listed, manufacturers often change their ingredients; therefore, always re-verify with
the company often to make sure that any product you purchase is truly gluten free. If you see anything on this list that is incorrect or you know
of a menu you would like us to add, please email us at


Eating out can be very stressful to the Celiac, because of communication problems and the fear of cross contamination even when the establishment offers a gluten free menu. I believe that once should be careful when eating out as a celiac. The ideal gluten free lifestyle would
be to eat everything made at home, but this is often impossible when working, going to school, or traveling. Even if you have a gluten free menu, it is always best to speak to the manager on duty and/or the chef to make sure that procedures to ensure you have a gluten free meal take place properly. Also verify that your menu is up to date with the particular establishment you are eating at. Sometime franchise owners purchase items from local suppliers so your local restaurant maybe gluten free, but when you travel out of your area, the same franchise may not have the same gluten free items. Ex: Chili gluten free menu states that their mashed potatoes are gluten free, but the one in Wylie uses chicken stock instead
 of milk to thin their potatoes. They are unsure if this is gluten free or not. Below is a list of chain restaurant and individually owned establishment that have either gluten free menus or nutrition guides to help you in your pursuit for a gluten free meal.


Restaurant: G.F. Menu: Comments: Date Verified: Contact Info:
A & W Restaurant Online Menu Locations throughout
Abrusci's Lunch Menu
Dinner Menu
3244 Youngfield St
Wheat Ridge, CO
Adobo Grill Online Menu Chicago at Old Town and Wicker Park
Assaggio Online Menu
Click on Menu and then choose GF Menu
77425 SE. 13th Ave
Portland, Or. 97202
Arbys Online Menu Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
Austin Grill Online Menu Maryland, Virginia, & Washington D.C. 06/01/2007
Baja Fresh Word Document Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
Baskin Robbins Online Menu Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
Bavarian Inn Restaurant Online Menu 713 S. Main St.
Frankenmuth, Mi. 48734
Beau Jo's
Colorado Style Pizza
PDF Document 6 Locations in
Bullfinchs Online Menu 703 Boston Post Rd
Sudbury, Massachusetts
Ristorante Italiano
Online Document Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
Braum's Ice Cream All Ice Ceram is .G.F. except the ones with add ins like cookies, pie crust, brownies, etc. Location in Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, & Missouri 06/01/2007
Casual Italian Kitchen
Online Menu 2 Locations
Rochester, NY
Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse Online Menu Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
Burger King Online Menu Locations Worldwide
* Even though Burger King states there fries are GF, I would be hesitant to safe they are really Gluten Free. On more than one occasion in separate locations I have seen onion rings mixed in with the fries and the same scoop was used for both items.
Catfish Plantation Baked Catfish Only, Fried is made with flour.
Call ahead and also inquire about which vegetable & salads are gluten free that day.
I listed Catfish Plantation, because it is a tourist attraction in Waxachacie, Texas. It is famous for its hauntings 06/01/2007
814 Water Street
Waxahachie, TX 75165
(972) 937-9468


Cafe Flora Online Menu 2901 E. Madison Street
Seattle, WA.
Cafe Maitreya
UK's Top Vegetarian Restaurant
Online Menu 89 St Marks Rd
Easton, Bristol, bs5 6hy
Candle Cafe Online Menu Upper East Side
1307 3rd Ave at 75th St.
New York, NY. 10021
Carrabbas Italian Grill Online Menu Location throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
Charlie Brown's Steakhouse Online Menu New Jersey, New York, & Pennsylvania 06/01/2007
Chilis PDF Document Locations World Wide. Our menu is based on US Restaurants 06/01/2007
Chipotles All Items gluten free except for flour tortillas. Let server know to change gloves and wash work area first to avoid cross contamination. Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
 Cold Stone Creamery Online Menu Locations throughout US. 06/01/2007
Corbett Fish House Online Menu 5901 SW Corbett Ave
Portland, Oregon
Cracker Barrel Word Document Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
Culvers Online Menu Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
Da Luciano Online Menu 8343 W. Grand Ave
River Grove, Il
Dennys Word Document Locations World Wide 06/01/2007
Dairy Queen Online Menu Locations in U.S. & Canada 06/01/2007
Don Pablos
Mexican Restaurant
PDF Document
G.F Menu starts on Page 8
Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
Eden Alley Cafe Online Menu
Not all items are GF
707 W. 47th Street
Kansas City, MO.
El Chico Word Document Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
(800) 275-1337 x4298.
El Pollo Loco Whole Chicken off the grill and Pinto Beans are G.F. Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
Fleming's Steakhouse Word Document Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
Fresh Choice Word Document Texas, California, and Washington 06/01/2007
Fresh City Online Menu Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, & Rhode Island 06/01/2007
Gluten Free Bread Basket Online Menu 123 Main Street
Chester, NY 10918
Grolla Restaurant & Wine Bar Online Menu 2930 NE Killingworth
Portland, Oregon
Hardees PDF Document Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
Hotel d's Urville Word Document 52 Queens St.
New Zealand
Ilio Dipaolos
Italian Restaurant
Online Menu 3785 S. Park Ave
Bladsdell, NY. 14219
In n Out Burger Word Document
This is a very lengthy document. I am trying to get something easier to read ASAP.
Locations in California, Nevada and Arizona 06/01/2007
Irises Cafe & Wine Bar Online Menu 20-22 City Hall Place
Downtown Plattsburg
Jamba Juice Online Menu Locations in U.S. & Bahamas 06/01/2007
Judsons Steakhouse Online Menu 20 Monroe Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49533
06/01/2007 Judson's Corporate Website
Kim's Kitchen PDF Document Located in
Evanston, Il.
"Oldest Vegetarian Dinner
Restaurant In England"
Online Menu 4 Erskine Rd
Primrose Hill, NW3
Moe's Southwest Grill PDF Document Locations throughout U.S. 10/21/07
Luby's Cafeteria Word Document Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
Mandarin Online Menu 348 E. 900 N.
Bountiful, Utah
Indian Vegetarian Cuisine
Online Menu Several Location in Colorado 06/01/2007
Italian Steakhouse
Online Menu 2740 Monroe Ave
Rochester, NY
Mazza Online Menu 15155 S. 1500 East
Salt Lake City, UT
Mark Pi's
Asian Food
All Sauces are G.F. Avoid meats with batter per
Corporate Office. I would double check their source of soy sauce at each location.
Locations in India, Korea and the U.S.
U.S. location include Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, & West Virginia
Mimi's Cafe Word Document Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
Nestle Cafe Chiller Drinks are GF Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
Old Spaghetti Factory Word Document Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
On The Border Word Document Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
Outback Steakhouse Online Menu World Wide Locations 06/01/2007
Pei Wei Online Menu Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
P.F. Chang Online Menu Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
Picazzo's Gourmet Pizza & Salad Online Menu 3 Locations in Arizona 06/01/2007
Pizza Plant Online Menu 2 Location Williamsville, New York 06/01/2007
Pho Hoa
Vietnamese Food
All menu items are G.F. except for fried spring/egg roll. Verify that the noodles are indeed rice vermicelli before ordering at each location. Locations World Wide 06/01/2007
Pizza Works G.F. Pizza prepared and cooked in dedicated areas to avoid cross contamination 14130 Juanita Dr. NW Ste 109
Bothell, Wa.  98011
Gourmet Pizza & Salads.
PDF Document 4 Locations
Italian Restaurant
Online Menu 270 Bleecker Street
New York City, NY
Qdoba Mexican Grill Online Menu Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
Rainbow Cafe
Vegetarian Cusine
Online Menu 9a Kings Parade
Cambridge CB21SJ
The Dish & The
Run Away Spoon
Word Document 12417 Stony Plain Road
Edmonton, Alberta
T5N 3N3
Rib Company Online Menu Locations in Costa Mesa, Ladera Ranch and
Long Beach California
Risotteria Online Menu 270 Bleecker St.
New York, NY.
Rubios Fresh Mexican Grill PDF Document Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah 10/21/07
Ruth Chris Steakhouse Word Document Locations Worldwide. Our menu based in U.S. 06/01/2007
Southern Italian Food
Online Menu 20 West 72nd Street
New York, NY.
American Bistro & Lounge
Online Menu 289 Route 100
Somers, NY
Souper Salad PDF Document Locations throughout U.S. 10/21/07
Spaghetti Wharehouse Word Document Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
(800) 275-1337 x4298.
Steak N Shake Word Document Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
Subway Online Menu Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
Taco Cabana Word Document Locations in Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma 06/01/2007
Taco Del Mar Online Menu Locations in U.S. Canada & Puerto Rico 06/01/2007
Ted's Montana Grill Online Menu 133 Luckie Street
Atlanta, Georgia
Texas Road House No Longer has a
GF Menu
Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
The Creperie Online Menu
Scroll Down to see GF Menu
111, 10220-103 Street
 Edmonton, Alberta
The Plough Inn & Restaurant Online Menu Norwich Rd.
Norwich Norfolk 5PS
The Yankee Smokehouse Online Menu Junction Rt 16 & 25
West Ossipee, NH
Z Tejas Grill Word Document Original located in Austin, Tx, but several location have recently opened throughout the U.S. 06/01/2007
Uno Chicago Grill Online Menu Locations throughout U.S. 06/01/2007
Vinci Online Menu 1732 N. Halsted Street
Chicago, Illinois
Weber's Grill Online Menu 3 Locations in
Wendy's Online Menu Locations in the U.S. & Canada. Please ask them to change gloves when working. Condiment are not gluten free because of cross contamination. Only use their condiments that are in individual packets. 06/01/2007
Steaks, Chops, & Seafood
Online Menu 159 W. Erie
Chicago, Il. 60610
Yankee Smokehouse Online Menu West Ossipee, NH. 06/01/2007
Zydeco Online Menu 10855 e. 3rd
Bend, Orego

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