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Welcome to our gluten free shopping guide. This is a ongoing work in progress so please check back often. Even though I have verified these products directly with the companies listed, manufacturers often change their ingredients; therefore, always read the label each time you shop to make sure any product you purchase is truly gluten free. If you see anything on this list that is incorrect or you know of a product you would like us to add, please
email us at


Manufacture  G.F. Products Date Verified Contact Information
Adams Extract & Spices All Adam's Spices and Adam's Extracts are gluten free except for the BBQ Seasoning 12/05/2006
Grocery Store
Excel Document 06/27/2006
Asian Home Gourmet Excel Document 12/05/2006
Baby's Only Organic Dairy and Soy Formulas are G.F 12/05/2006
Ball Park Franks All Gluten Free 12/05/2006
Borden Cheese All our Borden Cheese products are
 gluten free.
Bryan Foods
Cajun Land Products

All products are gluten free except for the unseasoned fish fry, gumbo mix and red bean mix.

Chase Candies Cherry Mash and Peanut Clusters are GF 12/06/2006
Cherrybrook Kitchen

Vanilla & Chocolate Frosting. Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Sugar Cookie Mixes ( Make sure you purchase only the ones with GF on the label)

Eagle Brand Foods

E.B. Sweetened Condensed Milk
Borden Egg Nog
Kava Coffee
None Such Mincemeat
Milnot Evaporated Milk
Dairy Sweet Sweetened Condensed Milk

Eden Foods

Excel Document
Canned Vegetables, Condiments, Fruit Juice, Oils, Vinegar, and Tea

El Monterey Products

Shredded Steak & Corn Taquitos
UPC # 7100740531
Chicken Corn Taquitos
UPC # 7100740533

Famous Foods Inc Word Document
Includes Emerils and Maple Grove Farms Products
Franks Red Hot Tabasco Sauce

Q: Are FRANK'S® RedHot® sauce products gluten free?
A: Yes, FRANK'S® RedHot® Original, XTRA Hot, Buffalo Wing Sauce and Chile 'n Lime™ are gluten free

Ferrera Candy Word Document 12/06/2006  
Gold's Food Products Deli Mustard
Dijon Mustard
Honey Mustard
Gold's Horseradish
Mustard with Horseradish
Hot Dog Relish
Tartar Sauce
Wasabi Sauce
Horseradish Sauce
Heinz Word Document 12/06/2006
Hidden Valley Ranch This product is Not Gluten Free 12/06/2006
Just Born Candy Word Document 12/06/2006
Kraft Foods

Kraft does not have a gluten free list of their product but make a very conscious effort to list all ingredients. If a product contains gluten they will list it on the label.
Ex: Modified Food Starch (wheat)

Lifeway Products All Flavors:
Soy Treats
Slim 6
Farmers Cheese
Cream Cheese
It's Pudding
Sweet Kiss
La Futa
Lee Kum Kee Word Document 12/06/2006
LeSaffre Yeast Word Document 12/06/2006
Lundberg Farms Online Document
Not  all Lundberg rice products are gluten free
Maine Mud Classic Mud
Mocha Mud
Mint Mud
Hotsy To-sy Mud
Great on Ice Cream & Desserts
Marshmallow Fluff All products gluten free 12/27/2006

Motts Applesauce and Juice are gluten free. Grandma's Molasses is also made by Mott and is GF as well.

Mrs. Dash All Dry Spice Blends are GF 12/06/2006
Nathan's Famous Foods Hamburger and Cheese Steak is G.F. Their hotdogs are Not GF 12/06/2006
Nestle Candy Word Document 12/06/2006
Night Hawk
Frozen Dinners

Steak (Top Chop) ‘N Taters
Steak (Top Chop) ‘N Corn
Top Chop and Green Beans
Top Chop and Zucchini
Top Chop and Broccoli
Top Chop and Squash
Charbroiled Bites ‘N Taters
Fingers & Fries

Oberto Beef Jerky Natural Style Beef Jerky:
Are Gluten Free
Palmier Spaghetti Sauce

Palmier Spaghetti & Marinara Sauce are G.F.
Palmieri Pizza Sauce & Vodka Sauce are NOT GF

Pinnacle Foods Vlassic Pickles
Sauerkraut & Peppers
Log Cabin Syrup
Pilgrims Pride

GF Word Document

Reddi Wip

All Whipped dairy toppings in the can are GF

Redwood Hill
Goat Milk
All Yogurt & Cheese products
are GF
Safeway Food Stores
GF Word Document
Safeway stores also own Randalls, Tom Thumb, Simon David, Dominicks, and Genuardis
Sanderson Farms Chicken

All Fresh Chicken G.F.
No hormones, antibiotics and no solutions injected into Chicken

Seeds of Change Word Document 12/05/2006
Sweet'N Low

Sweet'N Low White Cake Frosting and Chocolate are G.F Also Swwet'N Low Sugar Replacement, Sweet'N Low Brown, Sweetone, Butter Buds, Nu-Salt, Natra Taste and Sugar in the Raw are G.F.


All of our teas are gluten-free except for the following:

Green Ginger filterbags

Tazo Honeybush filterbags

Lemon Ginger juiced tea

Tea Lemonade juiced tea

Tyson Foods

Fresh and Individually Fresh Frozen products are GF.
If you must watch your sodium, make note that Tyson inject all their fresh meats with a solution that is high in sodium

Walden Farms Word Document 12/06/2006

Great Value is Walmarts Store Brand and they now require all vendor to list if the product is gluten free under the ingredients list.  I am currently working on a gluten free list for walmart. Currently I can tell you that they have Instant potatoes, cheese, lunch meat, sodas, sausage and bacon that are gluten free.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods has a unique gluten fee guide. You just go to their website and put in your location and your food intolerance and it will give you a customized list for your local store.

12/06/2006 Whole Foods G.F. Guide
Williams Foods Word Document
Packaged Mixes
Wrigleys Word Document 12/06/2006
Fleischmanns Yeast All Products are GF 12/06/2006

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