Celiac Sprue, Dermatitis Herpetiformis and Food Allergies are getting a lot more attention in the press lately. Many of these articles are
found in journals, blogs or other sources that the general public may not be aware of. Below are articles pertaining to Celiac Sprue, Dermatitis Herpetiformis and Food Allergies that have been published online by local and national newspapers, journals and magazines recently. We
will continue to add to this list as we locate new articles, so please check back frequently.

Article Name Publisher Author Date Published
McDonald's Moves to Consolidate 'French Fry Actions' The National Law Journal Amanda Bronstad  06/16/2006

Cure for food allergies 'to be ready within ten years'

 Reprinted by Times Online
Wheat Allergy Could be Thing
 of the Past
Baker and Snacks.Com Staff Reporter 09/14/2006
Fermented Milk Cuts Allergies BBC News Staff Reporter 10/16/2006
New Children's Book on Nut Allergies
"Chad The Chipmonk"
PR Web Staff Reporter 10/16/2006
Mars Bars Peanut Free In Canada CNW Group Staff Reporter 10/16/2006
Homeschool a Good Fit for One
 Allergic Child
The Cary News Wendy Mondello 10/17/2006
America's Favorite Food Can
Spell Death For Some
Sparta Independence News Laurie Gordon 10/19/2006
DNA Testing For Celiac Sprue Kimball Genetic
Reprinted by Yahoo Biz
Staff Reporter 11/10/2006
Retailer to Carry AllergyKids Products The Denver Business Reporter Staff Reporter 11/15/2006
5th Grader Vigilant about Threat
from Food Allergies
CBS 4 Denver Staff Reporter 11/16/2006
Food Fight
Article about Celiac Sprue
Pittsburg Tribune Review Marjorie Wertz 11/20/2006
Milk Allergy in Babies Missed BBC News Staff Reporter 11/20/2006

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