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You can find gluten free pasta, cereal, bread, waffles, pancakes, and/or cookies at most health food stores and
some local grocers. Until you get the hang of shopping & eating Wheat & Gluten Free. Here are some easy things
to cook & eat.

* I am starting a Gluten Free Diet how do I get started and what should I expect ?

When starting a gluten free diet, you must determine what foods contain gluten and which don't. This can be difficult, because of current labeling laws. Gluten can be disguised in many way, including names such as modified food starch, spices, natural flavorings, vinegar, and/or malt. You have to call the manufacturer to verify that the product is gluten free. Most manufacturers give this information. Gluten does not come in just pasta, bread, and cereal as one would think; it is found in many dairy products, condiments, lunch meats, juice, and candy just to name a few.

Please view our list of Foods and Additives to Avoid and Safe Food and Additives

Here are a few places to look for gluten that you might not have thought about.














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